At long last, we finally have our first look at Joker: Folie à Deux, the much-anticipated follow-up to the Oscar-winning 2019 DC film.


Rumours have continued to swirl about the second instalment in the Joker franchise, not least because it's a musical and stars Lady Gaga. Well, now you can start to make your mind up about the movie yourself as the official trailer is finally here.

The trailer opens with Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck in a cell before he is escorted out and spots Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn singing with a group of people.

In the trailer, we see the Joker and Harley Quinn getting closer to one another before they begin their reign of terror on Gotham City.

There are obvious hints to its musical nature, with Gaga and Phoenix appearing to perform for doting fans, with a lot of violence along the way.

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Watch the trailer below.

As fans will know from previous adaptations of Harley Quinn, the character is introduced as psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel who falls in love with the Joker, but it isn't clear how Lady Gaga's Quinn will differ.

Last week, a new poster for the film was released, which shows Joker and Harley Quinn embracing with the tagline: "The world is a stage."

The upcoming film has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association for "some strong violence, language throughout, some sexuality and brief full nudity".

It's to be expected seeing as the original Joker also got an R rating for "strong bloody violence, disturbing behaviour, language and brief sexual images".

Phoenix of course reprises his role as the title character, while Gaga joins as his twisted lover Harley Quinn. The film also stars Zazie Beetz, Catherine Keener, Harry Lawtey and Brendan Gleeson.

While exact plot details remain a mystery for now, Variety previously reported that the movie leans heavily towards being "mostly a jukebox musical" and will integrate at least 15 reinterpretations of "very well-known" songs, one of them being That's Entertainment from the 1953 musical The Band Wagon.

Joker: Folie à Deux will premiere in cinemas on Friday 4th October 2024.


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