Ryan Reynolds gatecrashed the Deadpool Honest Trailer

He's not about to let them say his film is 'by the numbers'


It’s all gone a bit meta over at Honest Trailers, as Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has crashed the video about Deadpool, dressed as Deadpool, to promote the fact that Deadpool is out on DVD. 


The Honest Trailer schtick is to humorously – and cuttingly – point out all of the annoying flaws, plot holes and lazy efforts of the biggest films around, seemingly with no fear of a comeback from the stars themselves. Reynolds turning up in his own one kind of puts the brakes on that.  

“Whoa, simmer down there big boy, ‘by the numbers?'” Reynolds scoffs after the ‘Honest Trailer man’ decrees the storyline to be one we’ve all seen before (albeit filled with far more butt jokes). “By the f***ing numbers? What the f*** is that supposed to mean?”

Oh yeah, he gets quite sweary about it. Well, he’s in the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. It’s kind of a given, I guess. 


‘Honest Trailer man’ tries to recover: “Hey, I said I liked it in the beginning. I think it’s only fair to point out some flaws, too.” But he struggles to get on with the rest of his video with Reynolds’ interruptions. Which basically involves a lot more swearing…