The Santa Clause

When Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) begins his transformation into Santa Claus, he learns that getting into a chimney involves a bit of flying.


But there's a naughty (certainly not nice) reason for that: "It's OK, I lived through the sixties," he admits. Stick to milk Father Christmas.

... also The Santa Clause

More a knowing nod than a 'Knock Knock' joke, but eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that upon Scott Calvin's arrival to Santa's workshop, he picks up a DIY belt and tries it on. As young viewers are unlikely to know, it's a tip of the hat to his long-running role as handyman Tim Taylor on ABC's comedy series Home Improvement.


Anna, having fallen head-over-heels for Prince Hans, won't hear a bad word against her super speedy engagement plans in this Disney fave. But there's something a little adult about the questions from new pal Kristoff as they turn to size...

Kristoff: Eye colour?

Anna: Dreamy.

Kristoff: Foot size?

Anna: Foot size doesn't matter.


Home Alone

Free from any prior knowledge of that aftershave sting, young viewers must simply enjoy Kevin McCallister's bathroom routine for the fact that he has a good rummage around his dad's things and screams so loud.

Jingle All The Way

Arnie takes on the role of Howard, a desperate dad struggling to get hold of the most-wanted toy of the year 'Turbo Man' in this festive flick. But when he tries to speak to his wife, there's confusion as to what's keeping her from coming to the phone. His son explains she's visiting next door neighbour Ted's Reindeer of the same name:

Howard Langston: "Jamie, let me talk to your mother."

Jamie Langston: "You can't."

Howard Langston: "Why?"

Jamie Langston: "She's next door petting Ted."




Kids are sure to be uninterested in what Miles Finch means when he tells Buddy the Elf he "gets more action in a week" than he does in this festive fish-out-of-water flick once. They'll just enjoy it when the pair start fighting. Thankfully.

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