Rogue One’s international posters put Felicity Jones front and centre

The new Star Wars art is really quite something


The international posters for Rogue One: a Star Wars Story are brilliantly eye-catching – and put actress Felicity Jones front and centre.


We’d already seen this artwork, revealed at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in London.

Now come these cool twists on the same scene with Jyn Erso leading the charge. First comes this Japanese poster, the Death Star an eery presence in the background:


And then in the funky Korean poster, which includes new droid K-2SO, played by Alan Tudyk.


Both get to the heart of the film’s storyline: the Rebel Alliance is working to defeat its enemies by stealing plans to the Death Star, setting up the storyline of Episode IV: a New Hope.


Rogue One: a Star Wars story will be released on 16 December