Robert Pattinson gets violent in new The Batman trailer

Bruce Wayne's villains are out in full force in the new trailer for The Batman.

The Batman

It’s been a long wait for Bruce Wayne fans, but the first full-length trailer for The Batman – starring Robert Pattinson as the titular superhero – is finally here and it’s jam-packed full of crime-fighting action, while also giving us some serious (and very welcome) Batman Hush vibes.


Shared at the DC FanDome event last night, the clip teases Pattinson’s debut as the brooding Batman, a reclusive billionaire by day and Gotham City’s vigilante detective by night, beating up street thugs, evading bullets and running villains off the road with his Batmobile.

“Fear is a tool. When that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call, it’s a warning,” the Tenet star is heard saying as the familiar bat signal is projected into the night.

We also get a sneak-peek at Little Miss Sunshine’s Paul Dano as The Riddler, who is seen surrendering to police in a diner before the camera pans to a coffee with a big question mark left in its foam, as well as Colin Farrell’s Penguin, whose appearance set the internet alight when fans spotted him in the teaser trailer last year.

The footage also gives fans a better look at Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, who is seen telling Batman that she “can take care of [herself]” before kicking a criminal in the face, and Andy Serkis as Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth.

And that trailer is not all that DC Fandome gave us, as we also had a glimpse behind the scenes of the movie – check out what that revealed below:

The upcoming film, helmed by Planet of the Apes franchise director Matt Reeves, will follow Bruce Wayne as he continues to uncover corruption in Gotham City, which is linked to his own family, while taking down serial killer The Riddler.


Robert Pattinson was announced to lead The Batman cast back in 2019, with Dano, Serkis, Farrell and Kravitz joining shortly afterwards.

The Batman is scheduled for release on 4th March 2022. While you’re waiting, check out more of our Sci-Fi and Fantasy coverage, or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.