Sylvester Stallone is gearing up for yet another outing in Rambo V as military hero John Rambo – 37 years after the release of Rambo: First Blood.


The actor – who will be 73 when the film hits cinemas later this year – has written the fifth instalment with Matt Cirulnick (Stallone has had a hand in every script in the series).

It will see the ageing action hero head to Mexico to track down a young girl who was kidnapped, before becoming entwined in a battle with a drug cartel.

Keep reading for everything we know about Rambo: Last Blood aka Rambo V.

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When is Rambo: Last Blood released in cinemas?

Rambo: Last Blood will be released on Friday 20th September 2019 in the UK and the US.

Is there a trailer for Rambo: Last Blood?

Yes! And it is set to Lil Nas X's Old Town Road.

“I’ve lived in a world of death,” Stallone’s Rambo says in the clip. “I’ve watched people I’ve loved die. Some fast with a bullet. Some, not enough to bury. All these years I’ve kept my secrets. But the time has come to face my past.” Check it out below.

There's also a second trailer that neatly cuts footage from the new movie in with scenes from Last Blood, charting Rambo's evolution.

Who is in the cast of Rambo: Last Blood?

Stallone will strap on his bullet sling once again as John Rambo – and he appears to be the only returning character from the previous films in the franchise.

He is joined this time around by Paz Vega, who will play Carmen Delgado, a reporter covering the drug trade in Mexico, whose sister gets kidnapped. Adrian Berraza will play Maria Beltran, a sister figure to Rambo who has worked on Rambo's father's farm her whole life.

Yvette Monreal will play Gabrielle, a young girl kidnapped by a drug cartel. And Sergio Perris-Menchata will play Hugo Martinez, the leader of the drug cartel.

What is Rambo V: Last Blood about?

The film begins with Rambo coping with intense PTSD while living on his father's ranch in Arizona. He is thrust into action when his estate manager Maria informs him that her granddaughter is missing, after crossing into Mexico for a party. He travels south of the border to find her, and winds up uncovering a sex-trafficking ring linked to a drug cartel. Rambo being Rambo, he makes it his mission to take them down.

How many Rambo films are there?

There are five films in the Rambo film series:

And it may not end there – Stallone has said that he is keen to make a sixth if Last Blood does well at the box office.

What's Rambo V's age rating?

All the previous Rambo films have been given an R rating and Last Blood will be no different, scoring an R for its “strong graphic violence, grisly images, drug use and language.”

Where is Rambo V filming?

Rambo V filmed in Bulgaria as well as the Spanish Canary Islands.

Stallone even shared a behind the scenes look at the crew filming in a cave.


Rambo V: Last Blood is released in UK cinemas on Friday 20th September 2019.