Prepare to break the first rule of Fight Club: David Fincher is developing a rock opera

The all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world?

Fight Club has a lot of rules (in fact, we’re breaking one of them right now) but nothing has ever been said about huge rock operas.


Yep, according to its original author Chuck Palahniuk, Tyler Durden and Tyler Durden could be heading to the stage in a musical by esteemed theatre director Julie Taymor and David Fincher, the man behind the book’s well-known 1999 film adaptation starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Speaking at a San Diego Comic-Con panel, Palahnuik was asked whether he’d be open to making a movie based on his new comic Fight Club 2. But instead of hinting at another film, the author confirmed a musical, adding that he “doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes by working on another project of that kind at the same time” – a hint that suggests the stage show will indeed be based on his new comic rather than the better-known book and film.

Palahniuk then teased the news further on Twitter, breaking the first rule of Fight Club.


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