Oscar-winning screenwriters are planning a film about Leicester City

The Fighter's Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson to bring the club's Hollywood-worthy victory to the big screen


It’s been just 12 weeks since Leicester City overcame 5,000-1 odds to become Premiere League champions, and already plans are underway to turn their dramatic story into a Hollywood movie.


The Fighter’s Oscar-nominated writers Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson will bring the story of the club’s unexpected victory to the big screen. There’ll be a big focus on striker Jamie Vardy, Deadline reports, namely because he’d been working in a factory just four years prior to the final.

Simon Egan and Gareth Ellis-Unwin of Bedlam Productions (The King’s Speech) are producing with the screenplay from Goal: The Dream Begins writer Adrian Butchart.

“Eric and I had just signed with Josh Varney at 42 for representation in the UK when Josh asked me if there was a story out there I really wanted to tell. Without hesitation I said, ‘Jamie Vardy’s and Leicester’s unlikely climb to the top of the Premier League.’ The story represents everything we love in a movie,” explained Tamasy.


“This is more than a sports film, it’s a once-in- a-lifetime story about the fulfilment of impossible dreams and the strength of the human spirit,” continued Johnson. “It’s also a hell of a lot of fun. I’m extremely excited and proud to be a part of it.”