That bot-written Harry Potter story now has a weird new video

"Ron was going to be spiders. He just was!"

Harry and Hermione as drawn by Jamie Loftus (YouTube, HF)

Remember that weird Harry Potter story written entirely by a computer programme?


No? It was the one called Harry Potter And The Portrait Of What Looked Like A Large Pile Of Ash, had Dumbledore declare a pulsating pig to be the new Hagrid and Harry dunking Hermione in some hot sauce.

Ah yes, now it’s ringing a bell. The surreal story was created using predictive keyboards based on all seven of JK Rowling’s books, and became a viral hit when it was released by botnik studios last year.

Now its creators have taken things to the next level by animating an entire video to tell the twisted tale of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s attempt to take down some oddly affectionate Death Eaters.

If anything, the bizarre, twisted animation (created by Jamie Loftus) and helpful footnotes (including Hagrid’s shrieking furniture, a personal highlight) only improves the prose, making this a rare thing – a Harry Potter screen adaptation that improves on the original text.


Clearly, we should expect a new three-film “Pile of Ash” sequence helmed by David Yates to be announced any day now.