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Naomie Harris hopes to be in James Bond as long as Judi Dench

The Moneypenny actress wants to emulate Dench’s long-running work as M

Published: Tuesday, 23rd February 2016 at 11:28 am

As rumours swirl around the future of Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond, Naomie Harris says she’s got no plans to go anywhere.


Asked during a Twitter Q&A where she would like to see her Moneypenny character go in the future, Harris said she’s hoping to ‘do a Dench’ and have a lengthy run with the franchise.

Dench first appeared as M in 1995’s GoldenEye. She was the first woman to play the role, taking over from Robert Brown. Her final film (aside from a brief appearance via video message in Spectre), Skyfall, came 17 years later.

It was in this 2012 movie that Harris first joined Bond. Initially billed as ‘Eve’ – a no-nonsense field agent who all but killed 007 – she smoothly revealed her full Moneypenny name as the film drew to a close.

Returning in Spectre in 2015, her role was far from desk-bound. As well as being M’s advisor, she’s Bond’s go-to confidant. If she’s at a computer, it’s because she’s digging out some top-secret information to help Bond.

Now, Harris is hoping she'll be Moneypenny for many years to come.

As for Bond himself, Harris revealed Craig “gave his blessing” for her to be cast and says she really hopes to work with him again. “He’s a phenomenal actor and when working with him it feels like working with the real Bond… because on set he stays in character,” she said.


Hope Mark Strong's wrong about Craig hanging up his PPK then?


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