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What age rating is Mulan?

The live action remake is finally arriving on Disney+ this week.

Mulan witch

Having foregone a cinematic release, Mulan finally lands on streaming service Disney+ this week following several delays to its release caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


The film is a live action remake of the beloved Disney animation from 1998, but there have been a fair few changes made, including a distinct lack of songs and the absence of Mushu, Mulan’s lovable dragon sidekick.

With those changes in mind, some parents may be wondering what age rating the film has been handed before they let their kids watch it – read on for everything you need to know.

Mulan is available to stream for £19.99 from 4th September on Disney+. Subscribe for £59.99 annually or £5.99 a month now.

What age rating is Mulan?

Although Mulan is not getting a cinema release, it has still been handed an age rating certificate by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) – the body responsible for all age ratings in the UK.

Mulan has been awarded a 12A age rating in the UK, meaning that it contains material that is considered “not generally suitable for children aged under 12”

This may come as a surprise given that the animated version of the film was given a U certificate in 1998, but it points to the more realistic nature of the live action remake.

The reason given by the BBFC for the rating was “moderate violence” with the explanation reading: “There are frequent scenes of battle violence. The battle scenes are prolonged and intense and include sight of people fighting with swords and bows and arrows, as well as hand-to-hand combat.”

It adds, “Dead bodies are shown lying on the ground in the aftermath of battles. There is occasional sight of blood and injury in the aftermath of violence.

Furthermore it also notes, “There are infrequent mild sex references and innuendo. There is gender discrimination directed towards the main character, but she challenges and overturns such attitudes which are clearly not condoned by the film as a whole.”


Note that a 12A rating does not mean that children under 12 cannot watch the film at all, only that they should only do so at their parent’s discretion.

Mulan is available to stream for £19.99 from 4th September on Disney+. Subscribe for £59.99 annually or £5.99 a month now.
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