Muggles, you can now pay for your shopping with a magic wand

Mischief (and mega shopping trip) managed


If you’re already impressed by the fact that you can pay for sandwiches, hand soap and any other items under £30 with the tap of a plastic bank card, brace yourself. Contactless payment just got even more magical.


You can now pay for your groceries with a magic wand.

Card Cutters have pioneered a fantastical new system whereby witches, wizards and muggle wannabes can pay for their goods by wand.

Unfortunately, no actual magic or yelling of spells is involved. Instead, “near field communication technology” is inserted into the tip of a wand – dubbed Ollivander19 – and users just need to tap or place it near a contactless terminal for it to work.


You can’t buy an Ollivander19 just yet. As Card Cutter’s website says, “much like it’s Harry Potter-inspired namesake, the wand chooses you.” Instead, Potter fans must sign up here to be in with a chance of shirking no-maj payment methods for good.