Since 2001, there have been on-and-off rumours and discussions related to a sequel to 1993 comedy-drama film Mrs Doubtfire, with the film going through multiple stages of development over the years with multiple scripts.


Following the death of star Robin Williams, the proposal for the film was cancelled, with director Chris Columbus saying in 2021 that it would be "just impossible" to do a sequel without the star.

Now, Williams's co-star Matthew Lawrence, who played Williams's character's son Daniel in the film, has re-asserted that that is the case, telling TMZ: "Without Robin, I don't think that movie is possible.

"In 2014 they were talking about it and everybody was kind of buzzing about it, and then obviously he passed away. I wouldn't want to do it without him, personally."

Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire.
Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

When asked whether a sequel could be made to, in some way, honour Williams, Lawrence said: "I don't know, maybe. That's up to Chris Columbus and the creators and stuff."

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However, when the prospect of a documentary about the making of the film was raised, Lawrence responded: "I never thought about that but documentaries are pretty cool. So, I don't know, maybe we could do that."

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Rebel Wilson, who is starring in the new film The Almond and the Seahorse, recently told that her move into drama for that film was inspired by Williams.

She explained that she was working on Night of the Museum 3 with Williams a month or two before his death, and that he asked to speak with her.

Wilson explained: "He goes, 'You should be doing drama. I can see it in you.' And then, after his death, Zelda [Williams's daughter] said, 'I just wanted you to know my dad said such great things [about you].'

"After that, I was thinking, 'It would be good to do something,' but because the comedy stuff was going so well, I didn’t really get any opportunities."


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