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Michael Bay is producing a live action Dora the Explorer movie

Dora the exploder?

Published: Tuesday, 24th October 2017 at 12:38 pm

Michael Bay, the man behind every pyrotechnic action movie you've seen in the last 20 years, is lining up a live action film version of Nickelodeon children's animated series Dora the Explorer.


No, really.

The film will be set during the young explorer's teenage years – she was just seven in the original series – after she moves to the city to live with her cousin Diego, and the Transformers director is set to produce, with Nick Stoller, the writer/director of the two recent Muppets films, on board to pen the script.

It's a bizarre move for Bay, whose recent film catalogue – dominated by six Transformers films in the last ten years – relies heavily on explosions, half-naked women, cars and obnoxious product placement. Plenty of people on Twitter were keen to point this out:

Dora the Explorer is a much beloved cartoon that aired 172 episodes between 2000-2014. It centred around a young Latina-American who went on quests with her pet monkey Boots.

Plot details for the new film are being kept under wraps, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount studios are hoping to release in 2019, by which point the entire world may already have exploded in Bay-esque fashion.


Dora the Explorer is set to be released in 2019


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