Meryl Streep playing Donald Trump is something you have to see

Another Oscar-worthy role


Is there anything Meryl Streep can’t do? Whether it’s winning three Oscars, headlining movie musicals or starring as iconic real-life figures, it certainly feels like she can turn her hand to just about any role – including, as it turns out, US Presidential nominee Donald Trump.


Yes, you heard that right – Streep has turned in a surprise performance as the former US Apprentice host, trotting out the impersonation at a benefit gala paying tribute to William Shakespeare at the Public Theater in Central Park earlier this week.


We’re not sure exactly what made her settle on this idea – it’s certainly very topical – but apparently it went off without a hitch, with the audience thrilled to see Streep perform and sing at the end of the show.

After the performance, the Public Theatre’s artistic director Oskar Eustis commented: “Utterly her idea, beginning to end. There were sceptics, there were doubters, but one of those sceptics was not Meryl Streep.

“She was absolutely sure she could do it. None of us had seen her in costume or make-up, till she walked out tonight.”


Frankly, when the movie of this odd presidential race is inevitably adapted they could find a worse actor to play Donald…