Mark Hamill shoots down speculation that Episode VIII is his last Star Wars film

"Don't over think everything," says the actor


Mark Hamill has taken to Twitter to halt suggestions he won’t be in Star Wars following Episode VIII. 


The actor made a comment about being “out of a job” after the next film during a Big Issue Q&A with The Kinks’ Ray Davies. 

Trying to convince Davies to get him involved in editing unseen documentary footage, Hamill said: “Once I’m finished with VIII I’m out of a job, so…!”

Of course, given what we went through in Episode VII with a certain someone (we won’t go into it), there’s been speculation this was a hint about an unhappy conclusion to Luke Skywalker’s story. 


But Hamill – despite his penchant for a teaser or two – has pointed out that everything he says doesn’t have an extra layer of meaning. He insisted talk of being out of work was simply because Ep VIII is “wrapping soon”.