Mark Hamill designed this cool BB-8 droid for charity and it sold for more than £2,000

The Star Wars actor gave the beloved droid a Pinewood-themed makeover


Star Wars’ BB-8 droid was given a special makeover by actor Mark Hamill and it sold for £2,620 in a charity auction.


Hamill – who was among a group of stars to give the beloved droid a new look – themed his design on Pinewood Studios.


“It might be in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside but Pinewood will always be a galaxy far, far away for me,” Hamill explained, with proceeds from the sale going to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

“Star Wars has an unparalleled legacy here in Britain and I’m delighted it contributes so much to the thriving film industry. My BB-8 brings to life the Pinewood exterior, clapper board and the ‘Now filming Episode VIII’ sign, which is what I’m doing right now.”

Hamill joked on Twitter that it looked like BB-8’s evil twin. Personally, I’d have this under a UV light looking for hidden messages, given the actor’s penchant for Ep 8 teasers.

Fellow cast mates John Boyega and Daisy Ridley also added their own versions to the auction, alongside Warwick Davis and Simon Pegg.

Boyega, whose droid sold for £2,220, said his was an amalgamation of his own Stormtrooper and BB-8.

“It is unmistakably based on FN2187 because of the three red blood marks, which represent the point in the film Finn first shows his human side.“


Ridley’s Queen’s Guard-themed droid sold for £1,140 and the actress said she feels “BB8 wears the colours incredibly well!”


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