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Look at this guy's Star Wars collection and give in to your envy

This man has a whole room of Star Wars memorabilia. A WHOLE ROOM

Star Wars collection from YouTube user BigAndysCollectibles
Published: Thursday, 18th January 2018 at 11:46 am

There are Star Wars fans and there are Star Wars fans.


And one YouTube user has proved that he's the ultimate enthusiast after posting a 10-minute video detailing his vast collection of figures, toys and models from the Star Wars franchise.

Going through shelf by shelf, BigAndysCollectibles gives us a "toy room overview" where he showcases his bookcases that are absolutely rammed with mint in box figures from the films and wider universe.

His collection includes vintage figures from New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, comics and complete collections of figures from Episode I and the Power of the Jedi series.

It's OK, you're allowed to be jealous.


It's not exclusively Star Wars, though. Andy also has a smattering of items related to Wall-E, Jurassic Park, Muppets, Toy Story and Ghostbusters. Although we think we'll let him off...


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