Laura Dern shares a new picture of her Star Wars Last Jedi character

The Jurassic Park actress joins the cast as Resistance leader Amilyn Holdo

Laura Dern

On Tuesday, Twin Peaks star Laura Dern popped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and despite telling the host that she can say “absolutely nothing” about the film, she shared a new picture of herself as the purple-haired Resistance leader Amilyn Holdo, which she also posted on Instagram. See below.


Though she was unable to provide any further insight on the film, she did share a nice anecdote from set, describing how director Rian Johnson had discovered in the editing room that she had been making “pew pew” noises while filming with a weapon.

“Rian Johnson keeps telling this really embarassing story about how when he got in the editing room – and I do have weaponry in a scene, I have said that – he literally heard me making sounds, because I had only done it in my room in childhood. And, on camera you hear me going “‘pew, pew pew'”, she said.

“I was so excited to be there, that I really did think I was at play”. Check out the clip below.

She also described making the film as the “greatest experience” of her life.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in UK cinemas on 14th December 2017