Universal has completed filming for Jurassic World: Dominion after beginning the production process over 18 months ago.


Director Colin Trevorrow confirmed the news via Twitter, writing: "Wrap on Jurassic World Dominion. All my gratitude to our extraordinary crew and cast. We made a family."

The shoot, which took place at Pinewood Studios in Slough, required cast and crew to isolate in a bubble for months to finish the project, while at least 40,000 COVID tests were undertaken throughout.

Speaking to Deadline, director Colin Trevorrow said: "There are a lot of emotions. I'm not sure I can put it into words."

"It has been remarkable. Our cast and crew has been so resilient. All producers have worked around the clock to make it the best it can be. It has been inspiring."

The third film in the Jurassic World franchise, which will see Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum reprise their roles from the original Jurassic Park films alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, cost $165 million (£125.4 million) according to Deadline, with Universal spending six to eight million dollars on COVID-19 protocols alone.

The publication also reported that out of the 40,000 COVID tests conducted, 0.25 per cent (100) returned positive with all workers being temperature-tested every day.

Speaking about the filming conditions, Trevorrow said: “We lived together, ate together, told stories, shared our fears and hopes, played Frisbee on the lawn… there was a lot of laughter at a time when it has been hard to find things to laugh about."

"We were all far from those we loved at a time when you want to be closest to them. I missed my family greatly. I was away from them for four months. But the cast in our bubble became another family.

He added that he thinks that the "close proximity" between the cast and crew "made the movie better" and that he's "never been as immersed in a filmmaking process".

Production on the sequel was paused for two weeks back in October, after various crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

The film is currently scheduled for release on Friday 10th June 2022, after being delayed by a year due to the pandemic.


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