John Barrowman dressed as Ariel and sang The Little Mermaid

Captain Jack went Under the Sea during an appearance at Mega Con


When it comes to fan events, John Barrowman is the master. No, not that sort of Master. Far from the Doctor’s greatest adversary, the actor is Who fans’ best friend – after all, the man once took to the stage wearing a Tardis dress. He’s shown serious dedication to the cause.


So, when fans pack into an exhibition hall to see Captain Jack in person, they know to expect something special. And at Mega Con in Orlando, he didn’t disappoint, donning a long red wig and regaling his audience with a rendition of Part of Your World.

Yes, John Barrowman sang as Ariel. And thanks to Erin Manzo, who filmed this, you can watch his full performance below:

And that’s not all. Remember that Tardis dress we talked of? Well, someone’s clearly been taking fashion tips from Barrowman, turning up in the very same outfit. Of course, this then happened…


There’s never a dull moment when it comes to John Barrowman.