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Joanne Froggatt on Downton Abbey movie: "We're leaving it up to the gods"

The actress who plays Anna Bates is still waiting to hear whether she will be returning to the part

Published: Sunday, 30th July 2017 at 9:52 am

If Julian Fellowes wants to get any of his original stars in his Downton Abbey movie, he should probably offer them the job sometime soon - because despite "conversations" about the film, Anna Bates star Joanne Froggatt still has "no information" about whether it's going ahead or not.


Fellowes has been hinting at a Downton movie ever since the TV drama wrapped up. 18 months ago he said he'd "love" to do it, and since then the showrunner has declared it "pretty likely" the film will happen. He has even casually mentioned he has been working on a script.

But Froggatt, who will soon appear in the six-part thriller Liar, is still out of the loop.


"Selfishly, it would be great to get together for ten weeks and have a little reunion," she told Variety at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in the US.

"But in all honesty, I have no idea. I absolutely have no idea. There’s been talk, there’s been conversations, but nothing has happened.

"We're all sort of leaving it up to the gods. We have no information."

And is the rest of the cast keen? "I think we’d all like to do it," Froggatt confirmed.


Be a good fellow, Fellowes, and let your Downton stars know whether they're in the movie or not...


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