JK Rowling took to Twitter to answer a load more Harry Potter questions

What's the deal with wandless magic?


We all got very excited earlier today when JK Rowling released the first in a new series of articles on the history of magic in North America. It may have only been five paragraphs long, but when you’ve been starved of Harry Potter content, you’ll more than happily pore over anything that comes your way.


And so we did – but Rowling’s descriptions of skin walkers, No-Majs and wandless magic prompted as many questions as answers. So the author herself took to Twitter to answer a few. Like…

Why is it important that young wizards have wands?

Is it harder to cast a spell without a wand?

Are gifted wizards still better with wands than without?

Could a wizard without a wand beat one who has a wand?

Are American wizards more powerful than everyone else?

Should other magical races be allowed to use wands?

And just how wise is it to fly without one…?


Don’t forget to check back on Pottermore tomorrow at 2pm for the next chapter in the history of North American magic.