JK Rowling is NOT a fan of this Harry Potter theory

In fact, she's really sad that anyone thinks it could possibly be true


When it comes to Harry Potter, author JK Rowling is usually more than happy to allow fans to theorise about what could have, should have or might have been. But there’s one fan theory that she just cannot get on board with…


The theory in question is so dark she just can’t be dealing with it, shutting it down for the benefit of her seven million Twitter followers.

What is the theory you ask? Oh, y’know, just that Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix, was the Hogwarts headmaster’s very own Horcrux.

Could Dumbledore have crafted a Horcrux when someone accidentally killed his little sister Ariana? YouTubers the SuperCarlinBrothers say that Dumbledore blames himself and believes his own ambition led to Ariana’s death, so perhaps that led him to slice off a slither of his soul and pop it into phoenix pal Fawkes.

But Rowling is having absolutely none of it.


Mischief managed. And by the main woman herself, no less.