Jennifer Lawrence cast as Fidel Castro’s lover in new movie Marita

The Oscar-nominated Joy actress will star in, as well as produce, Sony's latest film about a CIA assassination attempt on the Cuban politican


From Mockingjay to the inventor of the Magic Mop to Fidel Castro’s lover, Jennifer Lawrence is adding to her collection of eclectic roles by taking on the part of Marita Lorenz in Sony’s latest movie.


The Oscar-winning actress will star as the Cuban revolutionary’s lover in the film, penned by American Hustle writer Eric Warren Singer. She’ll also produce the real-life spy movie, alongside Matt Tolmach, Scott Mednick and Andre Rouleau, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Marita focuses on Lorenz and how she met and began an affair with Cuban leader Castro in 1959 when she was a teenager.

After becoming pregnant and having an abortion, Lorenz left Cuba and joined anti-communists in America, where she was recruited by the CIA for an assassination mission. In 1960, she returned to Cuba to carry out the mission but failed to kill Castro.


Lorenz went on to have an extraordinary life. She has written two autobiographies (Marita: One Woman’s Extraordinary Tale of Love and Espionage from Castro to Kennedy, and Lieber Fidel – Mein Leben, meine Liebe, mein Verrat) and her story has already been the inspiration for 1999 TV film My Little Assassin.