Jennifer Aniston says playing a stripper was “not easy”

The We’re The Millers star jokes her choreographer made the moves look easy and that the part required lots of stomach muscle work

At last night’s blue carpet (yes, blue) premiere for Jennifer Aniston’s latest film We’re The Millers, the star admitted turning stripper wasn’t the easiest thing.


“I had an excellent choreographer who I worked with day and night. It was not easy, but they made it look easy,” Aniston explained.

On preparing for her role as a stripper, as part of a comedy film that centers around a fake family hiding a drug deal, Aniston said it look “lots of laughter and stomach muscle work.”

Indeed, Aniston wasn’t going in to the part lightly, revealing her main concern was that she’d had knee surgery and wouldn’t be able to “go as far as I could go”.

“So that was my challenge,” Aniston told the BBC, “And of course, playing as though I knew what I was doing. Other than that…”

The film sees Aniston star alongside Jason Sudeikis for the third time, following the Bounty Hunter and Horrible Bosses.

And Aniston’s pole dancing prowess isn’t the only thing getting attention. Aniston’s co-star, Will Poulter, who plays her fake son Kenny has also been talking about kissing the famous actress.

“The official line is that Jennifer had to kiss me, that’s how it worked, she was made to do that… “ Poulter told ITV’s Kate Garraway.

Asked if she was a good kisser, Poulter said, “Yeah, absolutely she is. It’s Kenny’s first kiss, so it’s all downhill from there really. I don’t see it getting any better for the kid.”


We’re The Millers will be in cinemas from 23 August.