If you want to buy The Silence of the Lambs’ serial killer house, it’s going quite cheap…

Amazingly, people don't seem very keen to buy a house where a fictional serial killer kept his victims in a pit and made coats from their skins...


The Silence of the Lambs may have made plenty of money, but the house in which it was filmed is struggling to do the same.


A couple from Pennsylvania is having a very tricky time selling their house, which was used as the home of terrifying killer Buffalo Bill in iconic 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs, reports the Tribune Review.

While the house gets plenty of attention on the property listing sites, buyers don’t actually want to sleep, live and bring up their kids in the place where the fictional murderer did his worst.

Owners Scott and Barbara Lloyd have been looking for a buyer for the house since last summer, but they’ve had to drop the asking price from $300,000 (about £278,000) to $250,000 (£173,000).

But it’s not all that creepy, because while the foyer and dining room of the house are in the film, the basement pit where the killer kept his victims doesn’t actually exist, because those horrifying scenes were filmed on a soundstage. 


So, if you’re in the market for a house in Pennsylvania, you should take a look…