Hobbs and Shaw director David Leitch says this character may still be alive

This major star may yet have a place in a future sequel

Hobbs and Shaw premiere, Getty

*Spoilers for Hobbs and Shaw to follow*


As the credits rolled on Hobbs and Shaw, it appeared that order had been restored in the world, the threat had been neutralised, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Luke Hobbs could return home to his daughter in peace, having vanquished Brixton (Idris Elba).

But then, a post-credits scene featuring Ryan Reynolds’ Locke confirmed that there’s another virus on the way, meaning he won’t be able to sleep easy for very long. And now, director David Leitch has added fuel to the fire of speculation that Brixton may not really be dead. Say it ain’t so…

“Brixton may not be dead, right? Wink wink,” he hinted to RadioTimes.com, amid talk of a series of potential sequels. “I think there’s a lot of ways to go.”

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Last we saw, Brixton had been vanquished in Samoa, seemingly put down by the the mysterious villain behind the organisation that gave him his mechanical updates. It seemed unlikely that he could have survived it, but hey, it’s a Fast and Furious movie, and these things aren’t exactly known for their application of logic…


Hobbs and Shaw is out in UK cinemas now