Henry Cavill explains exactly how his moustache was digitally removed for Justice League

Cavill has revealed how Justice League filmmakers made his (very expensive) moustache disappear

Henry Cavill (Getty, EH)

It is one of life’s greatest mysteries, how Henry Cavill managed to shoot part of Justice League with the moustache he grew for Mission Impossible 6 – and now, at long last, we have an explanation.


Cavill wasn’t allowed to shave his facial hair until Mission: Impossible 6 had wrapped. But the Justice League reshoots were at the same time, meaning Cavill was in character as Superman sporting a very 70s-looking moustache… until it disappeared.

“There’s nothing to cover it up,” Cavill explained in an interview with Fox 5. “What we do is try to pull it back from the top of the lip as much as possible. They wax it up and then I have dots all over my face”.

The dots in question were then used for CGI that was applied in post-production. You can listen to Cavill’s full answer below, around the 4:50 mark.


Justice League is released in UK cinemas on 17th November