Superman’s moustache is costing the new Justice League movie a lot of time and money

Henry Cavill is strictly forbidden from shaving his facial fuzz while filming Mission: Impossible, but that's a major problem for Justice League re-shoots


It may only be an unassuming patch of facial hair, but Henry Cavill’s moustache is causing a major headache for the producers of Justice League as they haul the Superman actor back in for extensive re-shoots that have reportedly cost a total of $25 million.


Cavill is in the middle of filming Mission: Impossible in which his character sports said lip fuzz, but according to US insiders Variety he is among a number of actors called back for Justice League re-shoots that have “dragged on for roughly two months” in London and Los Angeles.

Re-shooting parts of the movie (otherwise known as “additional photography”) has cost approximately $25 million already, say the reports. But while Cavill must dash (ha) between the two movie productions, his moustache is not up for negotiation.

Paramount won’t let the film star shave off his facial hair while production on Mission: Impossible is still taking place, so the moustache will have to be digitially removed from the Justice League footage.

The decision to re-shoot such large chunks of the movie and spend so much money is also pretty unusual, given “additional photography” usually takes a week or two and costs less than half of Justice League’s bill.

The extra months of work have also caused huge scheduling problems because the comic book movie has a star-studded ensemble cast – and these are very busy actors we’re talking about.


Luckily, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) are pretty free a the moment, but Ezra Miller is currently filming his role as Credence in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel. As that’s a fellow Warner Bros movie it has reportedly been a little easier to get him back in his JL role as the Flash, but getting the whole thing done on time could be a close shave….