Has Karen Gillan changed her Jumanji outfit?

An Instagram photo from the jungle setting shows Gillan in what looks like a more modest costume than the controversial crop top and shorts we first saw


If you’ve been following the continuing updates about the upcoming new Jumanji movie, you’ll probably be aware that there was some controversy when a certain image of the cast was released recently.


Some people felt that, as the only woman in a group of men, Karen Gillan’s skimpy outfit – crop-top, short shorts and knee-high boots – didn’t necessarily send out a great message.

Gillan has since assured us that there’s a very good reason for her character Ruby Roundhouse’s costume, posting on Twitter “Yes I’m wearing child sized clothes and YES there is a reason! The pay off is worth it, I promise!”

There have even been a number of theories attempting to explain the outfit – Jumanji is, after all, a fantasy film about a board game and is likely to be filled with deliberately cliched characters.

But now a new Instagram image posted by Gillan suggests the offending costume may not even be around for the entire film.

True, this could just be a shirt Gillan is wearing in her downtime between shooting but the khaki colour and epaulettes on the shoulders do scream safari to us.


Could this be a change of heart from the producers following the outcry about the original outfit? Highly unlikely. But it could be a hint that a costume change happens part way through the movie and that Gillan isn’t necessarily playing the one-dimensional character some people have been assuming.