Han Solo has a BEARD now and Star Wars fans can’t cope

Who’s scruffy-looking?


A certain scruffy-looking nerf herder just got that little bit scruffier – because iconic space smuggler Han Solo has done the unexpected and grown a BEARD for the winter months, dramatically increasing the number of fur-faced Millennium Falcon pilots by a factor of 100%.


Or at least that’s the case in newly-released video game Star Wars Battlefront II, which guests stars Harrison Ford’s outer-space rogue in its single-player storyline as he meets with an Imperial defector at Maz Kanata’s castle (a location seen in 2015’s The Force Awakens).

And because this storyline is set after the original Star Wars trilogy (but decades before The Force Awakens), this gave the game designers the chance to do something a little different, creating a version of Han that could plausibly order an almond-milk latte in Brick Lane without anyone batting an eyelid (and apparently ties in with the official Star Wars Aftermath book series, set during the same time period).

And if you turn out to be a big fan of Han with a beard (other than Princess Leia, of course) then you can actually equip the hirsute Han for Battlefront’s trademark multiplayer mode, allowing all your online friends and rivals to wonder at the galaxy’s greatest smuggler and his midlife crisis.

It’s hard to say whether fans will embrace this change or not so far – whichever way it goes, it’ll be a close shave.


Star Wars Battlefront II is available for purchase now