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A Grease prequel is in the works

Tell me more, tell me more!

Grease (Sky)
Published: Wednesday, 10th April 2019 at 1:20 pm

A prequel to the 1978 classic Grease is in the works, telling the story of when Danny and Sandy first met.


The film, entitled Summer Loving, will according to The Hollywood Reporter expand on the tale told in one of the movie’s most famous songs – Summer Nights – in which the two high-schoolers recount their first meeting on the beach, with Danny boasting about how raunchy their love affair was and Sandy focusing more on the emotional intimacy side of things.

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John starred in the original Grease film, but it is not yet known who will make up the cast of the prequel, which is written by Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory writer John August.

The 1982 Grease sequel starring Michelle Pfeiffer was panned by critics and struggled at the box office. Some people are therefore questioning why another Grease movie is being made – and pointing out that the song Summer Nights has already told the story of how Danny and Sandy met pretty comprehensively…

The original Grease soundtrack has sold over 38 million copies worldwide and in 2016, US channel Fox aired a live TV version of the film starring Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens, which won five Emmys.


So perhaps Summer Loving does have the potential to be an automatic, systematic, hydromatic, greased lightnin’ success.


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