Giancarlo Esposito is no stranger to franchises, having recently played The Mandalorian baddie Moff Gideon. And now, it looks like the Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad actor has his sights set on another Disney juggernaut – the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Who exactly he'll be playing has yet to be confirmed, but the actor himself revealed he was in talks with Disney about several high-profile roles, including for the X-Men's imminent MCU debut.

Speaking during a Q&A on TikTok, the actor said that he'd been "in a room with them [Marvel] and talked to them," before expanding on the discussions and offering some pretty exciting names.

"There's been talk of Magneto," he said, meaning he would take over from Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender, who played the younger version of McKellen's incarnation.

He added: "There has been talk of... who else have they been talking about over there... oh, Doom."

"There's been talk of [Mr] Freeze," Esposito added, suggesting he's also been in touch with DC about playing the villain and Batman antagonist.

Giancarlo Esposito stars in The Mandalorian as Moff Gideon
Giancarlo Esposito stars in The Mandalorian as Moff Gideon. Disney

But villains are not the only roles Esposito could play, as he revealed Professor X, previously played by James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart, was also in the mix.

Either way, it wouldn't be Esposito's first venture into superhero territory, having played Vought boss Stan Edgar in The Boys.

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