From Harry Potter to Star Wars: 10 fan theories that completely change our favourite films

Is this what happened to George Weasley after Harry Potter? Does Fight Club hold another secret? And did Uma Thurman actually Kill Bill?


We love fan theories here at, and some of the best examples we see are those that force you to look at a film or TV show in a completely different way.


Who could forget how much our minds were blown by the Lost-is-the-afterlife theory, or the Pixar connected universe hypothesis, or even the idea that Dumbledore, Harry Potter and Voldemort were three mythical brothers from a fairy tale?

And when it comes to new theories, the fun never ends – just this week, YouTubers Screen Rant collected together a delectable collection of even more ideas bound to shake your understanding of your favourite movies from Kill Bill to Harry Potter.

Was Willy Wonka really a hidden Weasley? Is Batman even crazier than we thought he was? Is Indiana Jones just the dream of a dying Han Solo? And is absolutely every person in Fight Club a secret cartoon character?


You’ll have to watch the video to see if you’re convinced…