Freeview film of the day: Thursday 7 September – Way Out West

Laurel and Hardy star in a quick-fire comedy take on the classic oater


Way Out West  ★★★★★ 
6.00-7.20pm Talking Pictures TV


In their most memorable full-length feature, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy get to sing their hit song Trail of the Lonesome Pine as they go west to deliver a mine-deed inheritance to prospector’s daughter Rosina Lawrence. However, they are waylaid by crooked saloon owner James Finlayson and his moll, Sharon Lynne. At various stages called You’d Be Surprised, Tonight’s the Night and In the Money, this inspired western parody contains some of the duo’s most celebrated routines (with several other funny scenes ending up on the cutting room floor to keep the action around the customary B-movie length of one hour). One of those films you can watch umpteen times and still come back for more. David Parkinson

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