Just two weeks after the first film debuted, Leigh Janiak's Fear Street trilogy is now available to watch in its entirety – with all three chapters having been released on Netflix in subsequent weeks.


While the first film was set in 1994 and the second in 1978, the backward time-jump for the final instalment is more substantial – going all the way back to 1666 and the time of Sarah Fier, whose curse has seemingly been responsible for all of Shadyside's woes.

The casts for the first and second entries in the trilogy were very different, but most of the actors in this final chapter will be recognisable, with all of the characters in the new time period played by stars who have appeared elsewhere in the trilogy.

By the end of the film, the whole trilogy comes together quite neatly – with a dramatic climax that will have major repercussions for Shadyside.

Read on for everything you need to know about the ending of Fear Street Part 3: 1666 – and be warned, there are major spoilers for all three Fear Street films ahead.

What happened in 1666?

The first thing to know about Fear Street Part 3 is that the film is split into two very distinct parts. The first part is, as originally advertised, set in 1666 – featuring the real Sarah Fier and a whole load of extremely dodgy accents.

But from just after the hour mark, the film jumps back to 1994 for its real climax, with Deena, Josh and Constance all teaming up to fight the Shadyside killers once again.

So first of all, what happened in 1666? Well, you'll remember that at the end of the second film, Deena was able to reunite Sarah Fier's hand with the rest of her body, something that she thought would lift the curse on Shadyside and stop the town's dreadful run of luck.

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Instead, though, it took her back to 1666, with Deena herself taking on the role of Sarah Fier – and various other faces from the previous two instalments appearing as members of the same colony.

This section sets out to prove that Sarah Fier had actually been innocent all along: it was someone else entirely who had first placed the curse on Shadyside by striking a deal with the devil (where he would offer one person up at regular intervals in exchange for power and prosperity for his family) and successfully framing Sarah.

That person? Solomon Goode who, no surprise, is a direct ancestor of Sheriff Nick Goode. Over the years the Goode family has continued to offer people up to the devil, with those people becoming the Shadyside killers, while the Goode's have enjoyed positions of power.

So Goode is evil... we should have seen it coming!

How did they end the curse?

Back in the present, Deena wakes up and tells Josh what she has seen, before they see Nick Goode appear on the scene. But before he can get to them, they steal his car and drive off back to Constance's house.

On arriving at the property, Deena informs Constance that they have to kill Nick to truly lift the curse, and they set about planning how they will do so, hiring Shadyside mall engineer Martin P. Franklin in the process.

At this point, Deena and co have realised that her blood will directly attract the reanimated Shadyside killers – since she is so close to knowing the truth. And so she cuts her hand, using the blood to pour on Nick, Carrie-style, before setting the killers on him.

Things don't quite go according to plan though, and Sam – who as of the first film is now one of the killers – ends up targeting Constance, which forces Deena to cut her hand again in order to draw Sam towards her instead.

Deena then follows Nick to an underground area he has escaped to with Sam still chasing her, while Constance, Josh and Martin set the other killers on each other.

Deena realises that she has followed Nick to the same place that Solomon had made the pact with the devil all those centuries ago, and there is a confrontation, before Sam looks set to kill Deena.

Just as she seems about to die though, there is a flash of recognition in Sam's eyes and she withdraws, with Nick taking her place and hoping to finish the job.

Then, the voice of Sarah Fier can be heard in voiceover, repeating lines she said to Solomon earlier in the film: "The truth shall be your curse, I will shadow you for eternity. And everything you take, and everyone you harm, you will feel the grip of my hand. I will follow you forever, I will never let you go."

Just as Sarah's voice stops, Deena manages to stab Nick in the eye – killing him, and seemingly lifting the curse, returning Sam to her normal state in the process.


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