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Falling Inn Love Soundtrack - all the songs from Netflix's rom-com including Da' Dip'

From Da'Dip to Unbreakable, here are all the songs from Netflix's latest romantic-comedy Falling Inn Love

Falling Inn Love
Published: Friday, 30th August 2019 at 4:07 pm

Falling Inn Love is the latest rom-com to hit Netflix sees and predictably it brings with predictability and a happy ending, what was less expected is the soundtrack with a blast from 90s past as Christina Milian and Adam Demos get down to Freak Nasty’s 1996 hit single, Da’ Dip.


Gabriela switches the radio from 'Buzzworthy', the latest news in the beekeeping world (we see what they did there), and comes across Da' Dip'. With a cry of "Oh gosh!" the pair decide to keep the tune on and break out into some intense moves, which is understandable. "It's my jam!" Gabriela cries.

Finally, the tune gets the love and respect it deserves, but it isn't the only catchy tune on the Netflix film's soundtrack. We skipped to the credits and compiled the full tracklist so you don't have to.

FYI, there's a Spotify playlist for Falling Inn Love but it seems to have different tracks (not necessarily from the movie) but they're still worth a listen.

Read on for Falling Inn Love's full soundtrack.

  • Unbreakable – Sheridan
  • Sitar Solo – Lekha Rathnakumar
  • Good Day – Distant Cousins
  • Haydn La Rozelane Air with Variations – Abigail Mettry
  • Chopin Trois Etudes, Etude No 3 with A Flat Minor – Abigail Mettry
  • Love Love Love – Serendipity
  • Officer of the Day – Wurlitzer Piper Band
  • And There Is Love – Billy Novick
  • Unbreakable – Ellen Once Again
  • Dollar Bill – Num & Nu Afrika
  • Do It Like This – Distant Cousins
  • Calliope Time – Circus Geeks
  • Forever – The Explorers Club
  • Many’s The Time (in Dublin) – Tim Finn
  • Rite Here Rite Now – Peter Schrupp
  • Best Day of My Life – American Authors
  • Make Up My Mind – Maya Payne
  • Mirror – Samantha Smith
  • Da’Dip (Original) – Freak Nasty

What is the song Gabriela and Jake sing along to in the car?

Freak Nasty's Da' Dip', a 90s jam...if you want to know the moves check out the video below. Just don't dance and drive ok?


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