Evil Dead Rise star Alyssa Sutherland reckons the hit horror film has expanded the universe of the long-running franchise such that there are now endless possibilities for future movies.


Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com ahead of the film's home entertainment release, Sutherland – who plays single mother turned Deadite Ellie in the flick – says that although it's unlikely she'll be back for more she has high hopes the franchise will keep going.

"I think we did a fantastic job of sort of making that possible... we sort of opened up the universe," she says.

"As for what I would want to see next... I'm not sure. I like that Lee [Cronin, director] moved it from the cabin in the woods to a different setting, so I would say I would probably want to keep that evolution going and put it in a different setting.

"I think... you know going to space is a little too much, but yeah something different!"

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Released in cinemas back in April, the film was especially acclaimed by fans of Sam Raimi's beloved original trilogy – but Sutherland herself had no prior relationship with the films before auditioning for the role.

"I am a scaredy cat,' she explains. "So I historically have not watched a lot of horror films – they ruined me when I was like 11 and ruined my brother as well who was even younger. I struggle with them. So I hadn't watched any of them until after I made my audition tape.

"[But] I watched the films when I heard that Lee wanted to have a chat, one and two. I really enjoyed two specifically because it was just like I'd never seen anything like this before."

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Given Sutherland is a self-confessed scaredy cat, you might wonder if there were any parts of the film – either during production or watching it back – that left her feeling especially squeamish.

"Very specifically when we were in ADR, that was when I first started seeing what the film was looking like and I had forgotten about the scissors going up my nose for some reason," she replies.

"I forgot that that moment happens when it happens, and the first time I saw it I just started giggling. I couldn't help it, but I think because I know how everything was shot I'm kind of removed from what it looks like on screen.

"Because Evil Dead is known for doing as much as they can practically, so it's like when you've been on the inside of that process there's a numbness to it I think that happens. But I had forgotten and I just started laughing because I thought it was really funny!"

Even if she wasn't too terrified herself though, the heavy prosthetics and make-up she was required to wear after her character had been transformed into a Deadite caused some rather uneasy moments for others on set.

"It was always the reaction of other people when I would go from my trailer into breakfast," she says. "I'd stand in line with everyone and the crew would be like, 'You don't look so good!'"

Evil Dead Rise is now available on digital download and will be available to buy on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD, including a limited special edition SteelBook, from Monday 17th July. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.


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