Emma Freud teases Love Actually fans with cryptic filming snaps from Red Nose Day sequel

Things are kicking off in a certain British supermarket


What do we know so far about the much-hyped Love Actually sequel? Firstly, that Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are back (and so is a certain turtleneck). Secondly, that the pair of them were back on THE bench. And thirdly – and perhaps most significantly – that some scenes are going to take place in… wait for it… Sainsbury’s.


That’s right, Emma Freud has been back on Twitter sharing some very cryptic photos of the second day of filming, which appears to be taking place in none other than good old Sainsbury’s. “It’s getting quite exciting in here,” according to Freud. Never has a supermarket been so enticing.

Fans have been speculating over new plot lines.

A video has also been shared on the Red Nose Day account of the cast and crew’s tea and coffee station, making its way through Storm Doris in a Sainsbury’s car park – oh the glamour of showbiz!


Well, it certainly looks like we’ll be able to taste the difference between the first film and the second. (I won’t apologise for that.)