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What age rating is Don't Worry Darling?

Olivia Wilde's new film arrives in UK cinemas this weekend.

Don't Worry Darling
Published: Friday, 23rd September 2022 at 8:00 am
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Olivia Wilde's new film Don't Worry Darling has been attracting much attention on social media for several months now – and it finally arrives in UK cinemas this weekend.


The film sees Florence Pugh star as Alice Chambers – a housewife who begins to realise that not everything is what it seems in her seemingly idyllic community.

Her suspicions somehow relate to her husband Jack's employer Victory Project, a company headed up by the charismatic Frank (Chris Pine).

As she digs deeper into the mystery some startling discoveries come to light, with major repercussions for her marriage and the community at large.

If you're interested in seeing the film but need to know what age certificate it's been given by the BBFC, we have all the information below.

Don't Worry Darling age rating

Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling
Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling WB

In the UK, Don't Worry Darling has been given a 15 certificate by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) – due to strong threat, violence, domestic abuse, language, sex, and suicide.

According to the BBFC website, "There is use of strong language (f**k) and milder terms including s**t, ass, God, hell and Christ. There is also use of the middle finger gesture."

It adds that "there are strong sex scenes without nudity" and notes various acts of violence, including a stabbing, a man being bludgeoned to death, and women being subjected to abusive behaviour by their partners, including physical and emotional abuse.

Don't Worry Darling is in UK cinemas from Friday 23rd September. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Movies hub for the latest news.


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