Donald Trump’s review of Citizen Kane touches on some very personal themes

Long before he ran for president, the American billionaire made some acute observations about the cost of wealth and power...


Everyone knows Citizen Kane. Sure, most people haven’t actually seen it, but almost everyone is aware of the story: a man becomes extremely wealthy, isolates himself from those he cares about and dies saying the enigmatic word “Rosebud”.


The film has been subject to many different critical analyses over time. But one person’s views may be the most relevant yet — Donald Trump.

In this video released way back in 2008, we see a much younger Trump talking about the themes of the film, especially the isolation and loneliness that can come from being filthy rich.

“Citizen Kane is all about accumulation,” the billionaire says. “And at the end of the accumulation, you see what happens, and it’s not necessarily all positive.”

Seemingly wise words from the now-presidential candidate. And as the video goes on, you start to wonder: is this Donald Trump’ cry for help?

“The (dinner) table getting larger and larger, as he and his wife are driven further and further apart as he gets wealthier and wealthier,” he says. “Perhaps I can understand that.”

It seems that Trump sees a bit of himself in Kane, saying “The wealth, the sorrow, the unhappiness, the happiness — it just struck lots of notes.”


But if you’re concerned because Trump doesn’t seem to acting like himself in the video, don’t worry. While it may seem like the billionaire is making some rather astute and heartfelt statements about the personal cost of wealth and power, he then reveals what he thinks was Charles Foster Kane’s real problem.

“Get yourself a different woman,” he says.


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