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Does Credence have a "growing role" in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel?

Ezra Miller is apparently spending a LOT of time on set, making re-shoots for Justice League even more difficult

Published: Tuesday, 25th July 2017 at 11:48 am

You'd be forgiven for thinking that we'd seen the last of Ezra Miller's Credence Barebone in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. But now it seems that not only will he make a "mysterious return" in the sequel, but his role is actually "growing".


This little scrap of info comes from a Variety report about Miller's other current project, Justice League, where he plays the Flash.

Justice League is going through extensive (and expensive) re-shoots which have caused a scheduling nightmare for the stars. The article highlights problems with Miller's schedule because he's currently shooting Fantastic Beasts 2 – and as Hypable points out, this is actually key information.

Variety writes: "The studio has gone out of its way to make him available, but his growing role in the world of wizarding series has made it difficult for him to suit up as the Flash on the same days that other co-stars are available."


His growing role! The last time we saw Credence he was pretty much destroyed, with only a little whisp of his Obscurus escaping into the sky.

Perhaps JK Rowling will take us further down the Obscurus path? Or will Credence face a choice between Grindelwald and his dark mission, and Newt Scamander's attempts to help?


The Fantastic Beasts sequel will be released in November 2018.


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