A new poll by YouGov has stepped in to settle the festive debate around action flick Die Hard, finding that the public does not consider it to be a true Christmas film – albeit, by a very slim margin.


In the end, 47 percent of people who had seen Die Hard agree that it is not a Christmas film, compared to the 44 percent who think the opposite.

For some, the arguments were clearly too compelling to take a side one way or the other, as the remaining nine percent of participants simply answered "don't know". We don't get anywhere by sitting on the fence, folks.

While polls have been taken on this topic before, the YouGov survey offers fascinating additional insights that have not previously come to light.

For instance, there is a clear gender divide on this particular matter, with half of the men surveyed voting in favour of Die Hard as a Christmas film, compared to just 37 percent of women.

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However you feel on the matter, it's quite likely this debate will rear its head in your household over the Christmas period, with participants revealing Die Hard comes up as often as festive arguments over whether to dish up Brussels sprouts and whether to tune into the Queen's speech.

More prominent issues to bicker over during the holidays are what time is right to open presents, what movies to watch on the big day, who should do the washing-up, who should host the all-important Christmas meal, and when to tuck into the turkey.

Film critic James King told RadioTimes.com: "Die Hard is a Christmas movie now but it didn’t start out as one. Back in 1988 when it was released in the summer, I don’t think anyone thought it was a festive film. Sure it had a seasonal setting but it was hardly warm and cuddly.

"But over time the fans have embraced its Christmas background and reinterpreted it as a yuletide classic," he added. "That’s what’s great about brilliant films: they don’t just have to be one thing."

In total, 2032 adults took part in this YouGov survey, which was sponsored by Disney to mark the arrival of the original Die Hard film to the Star on Disney Plus library.

In anticipation of your next rewatch, check out the original Die Hard trailer from 1988 below, which shows just how much movie promos have changed over the last three decades.


Die Hard is available to stream on Disney Plus from Friday 3rd December. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.