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When is Detective Pikachu in cinemas? Which Pokémon will appear and who’s in the cast?

The live-action Pokémon movie looks truly mind-boggling

Published: Tuesday, 25th June 2019 at 7:05 pm

Pokémon comes to live-action in the eagerly-awaited part-animated Detective Pikachu – but which pocket monsters will join the action? Why is Pikachu wearing a deerstalker? And why DOES a furry little Pokémon sound just like Deadpool?


We answer all your pressing questions below.

When is Detective Pikachu released in cinemas?

Detective Pikachu (sometimes styled Pokémon: Detective Pikachu) will be released in the UK and the United States on Friday 10th May.

Is there a Detective Pikachu trailer?

There has been a fair bit of footage released showing off a brilliantly odd world of human and Pokémon coexistence, as well as Ryan Reynold’s unusually savvy Pikachu.

10 points if you can name every single Pokémon in the trailers…

What’s the story?

Arriving in Ryme City, former Pokémon trainer Tim discovers that his famous detective father has gone missing, and decides to investigate the disappearance – only to be surprised by a Pikachu capable of human speech (though only Tim perceives this) and who claims to be a great detective in his own right.

Teaming up to track down Tim’s father and solve the mystery of Pikachu’s amnesia, the pair must face rogue Pokémon, an underground fighting ring and a plot that threatens their whole universe…

Who’s in the cast of Detective Pikachu?

Ryan Reynolds' Pikachu and Justice Smith's Tim in Detective Pikachu (WB)
Ryan Reynolds' Pikachu and Justice Smith's Tim in Detective Pikachu (WB)

As mentioned, Ryan Reynolds lends his vocal chords to the titular talking Pokémon, and in a recent video it’s suggested that he went pretty method for the character…

Joining him in his investigation are Justice Smith as Tim Goodman. Kathryn Newton as a reporter called Lucy Stevens, Ken Watanabe as Detective Yoshida, Omar Chaparro as a trainer called Sebastian, Karan Soni as Jack and DJ Diplo as himself.

Meanwhile, Rob Delaney, Rita Ora, Bill Nighty, Suki Waterhouse, Chris Geere and Khary Payton have been cast in as-yet undisclosed roles, with veteran Pokémon voice actor Ikue Ōtani playing Pikachu’s “normal” voice as heard by other humans.

Which Pokémon are in Detective Pikachu?

Apart from Pikachu, several well-known Pokémon play a significant role in the film including Psyduck, Charizard and Mr Mime, who the two detectives question in one of the trailers.

And fans have noticed all sorts of other Pokémon in the footage released so far including (deep breath)…Comfey, Flabébé, Charmander, Dodrio, Fearow, Braviary, Bouufalant, Gengar, Jigglypuff (pictured), Emolga, Audino, Squirtle, Pancham, Bulbasaur, Morelull, Machamp, Primeape, Greninja, Rufflet, Lickitung, Snubbull, Joltik, Ludicolo, Golurk, Growlithe, Arcanine, Slaking, Snorlax, Noctowl, Loudred, Blastoise, Magikarp, Cubone, Aipom, Flareon, Rattata, Treecko, Clefairy, Octillery and Mewtwo (release breath).


And if that’s in just a few minutes of the trailers, imagine how many we’ll be seeing in the finished film…


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