Deadpool director leaves sequel over “creative differences” with Ryan Reynolds

Tim Miller and the movie’s star apparently had different visions for the merc’ with a mouth


After becoming the surprise superhero hit of 2016 and breaking all sorts of records, Deadpool’s future has hitten a snag – because the sequel to the fourth wall-breaking film has just lost its director.


According to The Hollywood Reporter Tim Miller, who directed Deadpool after fighting for years to get it made, will no longer be directing Deadpool 2 after “creative differences” between him and star Ryan Reynolds.

Apparently the pair had increasingly “butted heads” over various issues in early stages of making the sequel (which is currently casting new actors), with Reynolds’ clout increased after his hands-on involvement in the first film was seen as one of the reasons for its success.

Still, fans probably should worry too much – the split was reportedly pretty amicable, while writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick ARE still returning along with Reynolds so plenty of the original Deadpool spirit will still be in play for the sequel.


And of course, if they have half as good a marketing campaign as they did the first time around more success seems inevitable.