David Tennant and Billie Piper sorted themselves into Harry Potter houses

The former Doctor Who co-stars know which common room they’d head to – although Tennant has his questions about the whole sorting thing


The sorting hat can take a breather, because former Doctor Who co-stars David Tennant and Billie Piper have sorted themselves into Harry Potter houses.


Tennant didn’t need to think twice about where he belongs. “Well, I am Slytherin. I’m not changing,” the actor said. Given that he played bad boy Barty Crouch Jr. in the film series, his choice isn’t all that surprising – what with being a Death Eater and all.

Piper – speaking alongside Tennant at this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con in St Louis – decided ‘Team Serpent’ was the one for her, too. “I’ve gone to the dark house,” she teased.

But while Tennant knows which side his wizard bread is buttered, he does think the whole sorting thing is a “weird quirk” of JK Rowling’s plot.

“I’ve always found that a bit odd. You turn up, think you’re an easy going, happy-go-lucky kid and then on the first day they go, ‘No, you’re a baddie, you’re in Slytherin!’

“As a child psychologist, I don’t think it’s great,” he added with a laugh. “People develop at different stages. I think you should be allowed to get through puberty before you’re condemned to a life on the dark side.”

It’s an interesting point well made, but the sorting hat always seemed to be pretty spot on, right?

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Main picture via Wizard World Facebook