David Brent and Foregone Conclusion will perform at a live gig in London

Ricky Gervais will be on stage at the event to launch the soundtrack album to his film Life on the Road


You can’t accuse Ricky Gervais of doing things by halves. Not only has he written, directed and starred in upcoming David Brent film Life on the Road, he’s also produced an accompanying Brent album – and now he’s going to play a live gig to support it.


Yes, Ricky will perform live on stage as Brent, with his band Foregone Conclusion…

There are somewhere between “15 [to] 20 tracks” on the new album – including titles such as Native Americans and Lady Gypsy – which soundtracks the film charting Brent’s last-ditch attempt to make it as a pop star.

“He’s trying to change stuff,” Gervais recently joked on The Graham Norton Show. He rents musicians and venues with his cashed in pensions and overtime money, all in the hope of getting signed.

“He’s a man out of time. It’s funny, but it’s quite sad as well…”

Nevertheless, Gervais is certainly enjoying the excuse for a sing-song:

“I’m a frustrated, failed musician, so it’s great because I’ve got a get-out clause – it’s sort of ironic, but it’s still so much playing with a rock band and they’re really brilliant.”


Life on the Road is released on 19th August 2016 in the UK