Daniel Radcliffe revealed this adorable photo from two days before the first Harry Potter movie was made

Harry and Neville were SO tiny and bemused...


Daniel Radcliffe is clearly feeling nostalgic for his days of innocence — before he’d even heard of He Who Must Not Be Named — because he posted this adorable throwback photo from over 15 years ago.


It shows Radcliffe and Matthew Lewis at a wrestling match with producer David Heyman just two days before filming started on the first EVER Harry Potter film.

Look at their tiny bemused faces…


“Found this and thought I’d share it with you all,” Radcliffe wrote. “Two days before the start of HP1 our producer, David Heyman, took Matthew Lewis, Rupert Grint and me (in my super-cool lime green zip-top!) to WWF INSURRECTION in Sheffield (this was prior to it becoming WWE).

“Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the whole group. Judging by the sign behind us I think William Regal was making his entrance! And judging by our faces we weren’t quite brave enough to boo him. It was very good night! Go watch the brilliant Mr. Lewis in season 2 of Happy Valley on Netflix!  Happy Friday everyone! – Dan”


Seriously, that lime green hoodie has melted our hearts…