Dan Stevens doesn’t know if there’ll be a Beauty and The Best sequel but he sure would like to bring his Disney character roaring back to life.

“I’d kind of like to bring The Beast back,” said Stevens when asked by Variety if he’d considering signing on to play a human prince in a possible sequel. He grew rather fond of the furry cursed creature while bringing him to life on screen, and even kept a little piece of him when production on the film finished.

“The prosthetic guys did mount the horns on two plaques for me at the end of the production, which was nice,” Stevens explained. “That’s the only stuffed animal head I have in my house.”


He didn’t seem too confident that he’d ever be suiting up for another chapter of the tale as old as time, though.

“I’m not sure what turn that would take,” he said of any potential sequel to the box office sensation. “I’m open to offers. It would seem odd for me to hear about it, but never say never.”

Considering the film broke Disney Box Office records we’re guessing the bosses at the House of Mouse will never say never either. Perhaps they could make a Beast spin-off adventure movie – where his secret Time Lord identity is revealed?